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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Been a while.

I'm starting to get more views of this blog recently. Several in the last day or so. I guess this is because I have been using MaleLesbian.org as a contact method. Instead of giving people my number I give them this easy to remember webpage which links through to FaceBook. Also, my email is Larry@MaleLesbian.org Not sure what to do with this page since my falling out with the Zeitgeist Movement. Thinking I might put more of an explanation of Male Lesbianism here with links to sociological studies and start up the podcast again to discuss relevant issues.

Also, I am trying to find people who would be willing to start an intentional community with an internal barter and gift economy. Our labor in the neo-feudalism world we live in today is mostly wasted because of the inefficiencies in capitalism like planned obsolescence and back stabbing competition in the work place. We are forced to work against each other. Unions are almost dead. We could live in abundance if the rich weren't constantly stealing our productivity. Let's work for each other instead of working to make even more money for already rich people.